“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

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Hope in South Africa

Started through a partnership with the Anglican Church in Richmond, South Africa in 2005, Hope in South Africa has grown out of our parish efforts to create a regional hub for services and educational resources to the communities in the area around Richmond, South Africa. Hope in South Africa has many partners all over the world who make this ministry possible. Recent efforts have included building and resourcing a community center as well as raising awareness of HIV/AIDS and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. 

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Mission Trips

As needs arise and funds can be raised, St. Peter's engages in mission around the country and around the world. Most recently trips included serving those in need in Niagara Falls, Colorado, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Appalachia. We participate and sponsor mission trips for youth, adults, and through the Diocese of Washington.


FredErick mission and Soup Kitchen

Members of St. Peter's travel to Frederick one Saturday a month to provide a dinner for the men who live at the Frederick Rescue Mission.

Saint Peter's has a long tradition of providing the evening meal on Christmas Day at the Frederick Soup Kitchen. Saint Peter's members and friends travel to Frederick to prepare and serve the meal for all who come.