We understand that visiting a new church for the first time can leave you feeling a little apprehensive. We trust that this page will make it easier for you to walk through our doors.


Visit us

We hope you come and visit us at St. Peter's.  We have two services every Sunday and many activities and ministries that take place throughout the week.  We invite you to fill out a visitor card in the pews, introduce yourself to the Rector and join us for coffee after the service.


All children are welcome in the services, regardless of age. If you have a child that is pre-school aged or younger and you prefer that they go to the nursery, we provide nursery care from 9:30 to 12:00 each Sunday. The nursery is located just off the main foyer across from the sanctuary.  


At St. Peter’s all who seek Christ or a deeper knowledge of him are welcome to receive communion. It is our practice to receive the Bread in the palms of our hands and to assist in guiding the Chalice to your lips. You may also choose to receive the wine by dipping your communion host into the Chalice. For those not receiving communion, as part of our worshipping community you are invited to come forward with your arms folded over your chest to receive a blessing.

What to wear

Come as you are! We tend to be a causal community, which translates to wearing whatever you’re comfortable in.


As our guest, we want you to feel no obligation to put anything in our offering plate. It is passed for those who are regular attendees of our church. Our service is our gift to you in addition to the free coffee and conversation afterwards in the narthex.